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the birth of tyler bennett


Even though this is a new site, I decided to go back an include a “golden oldie”… this is a birth I shot a long time ago (over 8 years ago!)  for my dear friends Tabitha and Jason.  I will always remember the way Tabitha asked me to be a part of her birth: she gave me a gift with a card that said that we had been there for each other so much and that she wanted me to be there by her side to support her and encourage her as she labored to bring her first baby into the world. (Tearing up here still, years later.. it was so special!)  Well, the day finally arrived and Jason called me from the hospital.  I went right away, and did labor support with Jason as Tabitha labored.  She was determined to have a natural birth, and she loved the birthing ball, so she spent a lot of time there while Jason and I provided pressure on her back, support and encouragement.  She handled the whole thing like a pro!  As soon as it was time to push, I picked up the camera (this was so far back that I shot it with a tiny 2-megapixel point and shoot camera!), and started shooting away.  These are a couple of my favorites from that day, although the best one was one we kept private, I managed to capture Tyler’s little face as his head was coming into the world, and it is beautiful!  This was just a beautiful day, one I will always remember.  I think my favorite moment was right after Tyler was born, both Tabitha and Jason were just overcome with emotion and he leaned over and kissed her so lovingly, it was just a beautiful celebration of their family at that moment.

This birth is one I will treasure forever, and so even though it was a long time ago, I had to include it here as a milestone on my birth photography journey.

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