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the birth of titus andrew

PINIMAGEIf you believe in the “Luck o’ the Irish”, there couldn’t be a luckier boy than Titus Andrew, baby #7 for his Irish family, born on St. Patrick’s Day!  In any case, he is a truly blessed boy to have such an amazing family full of so many people who love him so much!  Being a professional birther after six previous children, Lexi decided to do something new… a natural birth.  She brought in an extraordinarily wonderful doula, Melanie, to support her during labor alongside her husband Matt.  It was amazing how calm and happy this mama was during her labor!  Even though she has had a lot of babies, her labors are not historically fast, and she was incredibly patient and relaxed throughout the long day of labor and birth.  She was very active during labor, spending time in the tub, on the birthing ball, and trying various positions to work through contractions.  It was amazing the way she handled herself and trusted in her body, even through one time where the midwife wanted to start some intervention and Lexi declined, saying, “No, I really feel like something is happening even though it doesn’t look like it.  Let’s just give it a little longer.”  And she was right… a little while after that, things really got intense and after a time of transitional labor, she was pushing out her baby!  Titus arrived tiny, sweet and perfect, with a full head of curly hair.  Soon after his mommy and daddy had cuddled him and had some bonding time, his 6 siblings arrived with Grandma and Grandpa to meet him… and oh boy, were they excited!  Thank you to  my dear friends Lexi and Matt for allowing me to share in your joyous birth!  Happy Birthday, Titus!

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