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the birth of griffin james


Leah and Kevin are a very sweet, loving couple who are awesome parents to their 3 children, and it was such a great day of celebration as they welcomed baby #4, Griffin, into their family!  Leah has cholestasis of pregnancy, and so has had to be induced at 37 weeks during each of her pregnancies.  She and Kevin planned for a natural birth and hired a doula, Erica, to support Leah during labor.  I have been friends with both Leah and Erica for a long time, so what a thrill it was to be there with them for this birth!  Leah labored most of the day with Kevin and her mom, Vickie, at her side, and by the late afternoon, things were getting intense and Leah got very focused and into her “birthing zone, as she called it.  Leah did such an amazing job of relaxing and working with her body through the labor process.  After a very intense transition period, Griffin made his way very quickly into the world… with barely a push!  He was tiny, perfect, and so calm, like he wasn’t even really aware he had been born yet since it was so fast that there was almost no pushing!  Leah felt great right after giving birth, and she and Kevin got a long time to just spend bonding with their precious baby.  They could not say enough good things about Erica, she was simply amazing at encouraging Leah and creating a calm, peaceful atmosphere.    They both said that this was their best birth out of their four children, and that having Erica and Leah’s sweet mom Vickie there to offer support and encouragement made a hugely positive impact, along with their amazing doctor who just blew us all away by staying there with her to support her for quite a while, showing such a deep knowledge of and respect for the natural birth process, and by spending time for a long, relaxed visit after Leah and Kevin had bonding time with their baby.   Leah’s quote from later in the evening sums it up: “I’m feeling SO blessed and thankful to have family and friends that support me the way they do! God has blessed me so much more than I deserve. You have all shown me such love and I am VERY grateful.”  I know that if Griffin understood what a wonderful family he has been born into, he would say the same thing.  Happy Birthday, Griffin!

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