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My babies’ births are some of my most treasured memories.  I am privileged that you are considering having me as your birth photographer.  Each time I had a baby, Scott and I had our camera there and the plan was for him to use it and start shooting away at the time of baby’s arrival.  And each time, although he did get the camera out and take some shots, he was simply too busy focusing on supporting me and enjoying the wonder and awe of our baby’s birth (and rightly so!) to remember to photograph everything.  For our first baby’s birth, we had a friend there whose job it was to take some pictures when the time came, and those pictures are a priceless treasure to me!

Hiring me to be your birth photographer frees you up to focus on the most important things on your baby’s birth day.  You will be able to focus on the labor process, giving birth and bonding with your brand new baby.  Your husband will be free to support you, encourage you and bond with your baby without the stress and pressure of trying to capture it all with the camera.

The birth experience package includes:

  • An initial consultation where we will get to know each other, go over your birth plan, what to expect, and logistics like when to call me, etc.
  • On-call coverage from 38 weeks through your birth
  • Photographic coverage of active labor, delivery and approximately 1-2 hours after birth
  • Flash drive of edited High Resolution Digital Images with a print release
  • Special pricing on newborn portraits, maternity portraits, and Fresh48 sessions.

Add-on products and services include a birth story video, archival album, baby announcements, prints, and more.

Contact me for pricing and availability.